Clay Control

ChemEOR’s CS series is an inorganic environmentally-friendly clay stabilizer additive in stimulation/fracturing fluids where clay control is required. Additions of small amounts of CS (1 gallon per thousand gallons) can help increase hydrocarbon production by preventing reservoir clay from damaging effects (e.g. swelling, migration). Made from inorganic and environmentally benign components, it is an effective replacement for many other clay stabilizers such as quaternary ammonium salts, potassium chloride and organic monoquats. CS performs effectively in sandstone, shale, and for both gas and oil wells. In addition, it is compatible with a broad range of stimulation fluids, such as brine, acid solutions as well as with other additives such as friction reducers, biocides, flow back surfactants and others.


Effective additive preventing formation damage due to clay problems. Temporary clay control provided.

Superior function applicable in conventional and shale formations for both gas and oil wells.

Formulation is benign to environment. Eco-friendly replacements for other clay stabilizer additives.

Compatible with all types of stimulation fluids – fracturing, acidic, breakers, crosslinkers and others.

Low treatment cost – low price/gallon and low dosage (typically 0.5-2.0 gpt depending on the claySTAY product chosen) ensuring fast and high payoff in oil recovery.