Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment

Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment

At ChemEOR, we are committed to providing the processes, facilities, standard training, discipline and work culture to ensure a safe work environment for all employees, safe competitive products for our customers, and protection of our community.

We recognize the importance of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) to our employees, visitors, and the employees of our clients and contractors. The responsibility for QHSE and for ensuring the implementation of this Policy resides with our QHSE Officer. Every manager is directly accountable for the health and safety of employees they supervise. Equally, all employees have a responsibility to work safely using the training and equipment provided to them.

We are committed to achieving the highest level of QHSE policy performance through:

ChemEOR attaches the greatest importance to the prevention of any loss, in particular to the Health and Safety of all employees and the public at large.
Our management considers no area of its operation or administration as being of greater importance than the “Loss Incident“ prevention.
Therefore we require that each of our Managers, Supervisors or Employees take responsibility for Health, Safety and Welfare within their respective areas.
The attitude and co-operation of each employee ensures that safety and healthy conditions are achieved and losses minimized.
Our staff and line management openly commit themselves to active participation in the implementation of this policy.
QHSE is critical to our success and long-term competitiveness. We continually strive for a goal of delivering excellence in dealing with current and emerging quality, health, safety and environmental issues.