Paraffin Dissolver

ChemEOR has developed unique downhole chemical remediation products to remove paraffin and asphaltene deposits. When the formulation is injected into the wellbore on the backside down the annulus, it will dissolve the organic obstruction, which is then carried
 in the crude oil to a storage tank without re-precipitation. As
 a result, the formulation will dissolve and disperse the solid deposits/hydrocarbon in the annulus, perforation area, and around the pumps. In addition, the technology has also proven to be effective in removing organic deposits in the transit lines and tanks. This means prevention and removal without re-precipitation.

Laboratory tests using well deposit show a very favorable result for the ChemEOR PD versus a commercial paraffin dissolver. ChemEOR PD dissolves most deposits and gives darker color after treatment.

  • • Used as a downhole and pipeline wax deposit remover for wells with wax control issues
  • • Can be applied in cold dewaxing treatments
  • • An ideal replacement of hot-oiling or chemical operations using volatile organic solvents
  • • Bio-degradable and applicable for environmentally sensitive areas

With superior functionality, our Paraffin Dissolver outperforms other premium products on the market. Effectively penetrates and dissolves waxy deposits resulting in significantly less production downtime.

Works at ambient temperatures and is noncorrosive for simplified treatment designs. Designed for easier and safer field application versus to traditional hot oil treatments.

Formulation is bio-based and benign to the environment. Biodegradable and eco-friendly replacement for other toxic solvents such as BETX and chlorinated solvents.

Low treatment cost – low price/gallon and cold treatment saves energy expense used in hot oiling. The efficient cleaning lowers the chance of wax deposits blocking production, decreases overall production downtime of wells as compared to hot oiling regimens, and it has a proven ability to extend equipment lifetime.