Surfactant Flood

For a conventional chemical EOR project (Surfactant-/Polymer or Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer) the selection of the surfactant component is the key to achieving good oil recovery performance. ChemEOR has a series of surfactant products that are designed to have the required properties for these demanding EOR applications: ultra-low IFT (Interfacial Tension), low adsorption on the formation rock, compatibility with other chemical components and stable over a wide range of reservoir temperature and water salinities.

SurFlood SRS (Sandstone Reservoir Surfactants) consists a series of novel surfactant formulations designed to increase oil recovery – especially in conventional chemical EOR projects. SurFlood SRS formulations have the capability to create ultra-low IFT over a range of types of light and medium gravity crude oils, water salinities, and temperatures. Their ability to decrease the IFT to circa 0.001 dyne/cm or lower at low product concentrations (0.1%-0.5%, v/v) makes them economically attractive. The SRS-3000 series is designed for lower temperature reservoirs (less than 65°C). For elevated temperatures cases we recommend selecting a product from the SRS-4000 series. SurFlood SRS products also may be applied as an aid in water injectivity for waterflood or Water-Alternating-Gas (WAG) projects. The addition of a low dose of the optimum SRS product to injection water will displace the trapped residual oil near the wellbore and thereby increase the water relative permeability and injectivity.

Trade Name Description
SurFlood SRS-3000 Ultra-low IFT at reservoir conditions
SurFlood SRS-4000 Ultra-low IFT at harsh conditions


Offers the best performance (creating ultra-low interfacial tension – IFT) over a range of reservoir temperatures, salinities, and types of oils.

SRS-4000 solution displaces and recovers water flood residual oil. With SurFlood SRS-4000, chemical flood EOR projects can increase oil recovery in mature fields by 5-25% OOIP (Original Oil in Place).

Works well at a low concentration and is low cost per gallon. Well-designed chemical floods can have a chemical cost of < $10/bbl incremental oil.