Low Permeability Flood

LP Flood (Low Permeability Surface Active Polymer) refers to the next generation of water soluble modified polymers for use in the oilfield, and especially for EOR applications.

LP (Low Permeability Surface Active Polymer) is a unique series of water-soluble polymer products that utilize advanced chemical methods to create hybrid surfactant and polymer molecules. These surface active polymers open a whole new range of possible EOR applications. LP has a backbone based on the same polyacrylamide chemistry that has been used for decades for EOR, with their purpose of increasing the viscosity of the injection water, thereby improving conformance control. The LP chemistry expands upon the base polyacrylamide by adding selected surfactant-like groups onto this polymer backbone to give the final molecules some surfactant characteristics for true EOR. If properly selected, the LP product will exhibit both desirable features of EOR polymer and surfactant, with greater efficiency than the mixture of the two individual chemistries. Requiring only a single chemical EOR product which combines the separate surfactant and polymer functions increases the EOR chemical efficiency and decreases the operational cost to that of a single polymer EOR treatment.


Effectively recovers additional oil from reservoir by high sweep efficiency and low local IFT effect, strongly mobilizing the residual oil.

LP for EOR exhibits desirable features of both polymer and surfactant as single chemical product. At the same time, the synergy increases the microviscosity and lowers IFT locally.

Compatible with existing field equipment.

Excellent performance at low dosage and low chemical costs. One chemical injection instead of two (S+P) saves time and money.