Polymer Flood

PolyFlood is a series of high molecular weight water soluble polymers that are designed to provide the required mobility in conventional chemical EOR projects. These will increase the viscosity of the injected chemical solutions to the target interval at low product concentrations. We are finding that assumptions, practices, and designs that have served us well historically are no longer valid or fit for purpose for high temperature and high salinity (HT / HS) wells. Many production chemical treatments must be re-examined carefully to ensure that they are applied properly. We have developed a new series of water-soluble polymers that have superior long-term performance at elevated temperatures and salinities. In some cases the initial solution viscosity with our PolyFlood Max polymers will maintain this viscosity for several months or more at hot reservoir conditions. This stable viscosity is one key to applying polymers successfully for long-term exposure times such as for polymer flood in chemical EOR. In addition, we also offer special polymer products that will be recommended based upon each customer’s unique requirement, dictated largely by the required brine salinities and reservoir temperature.

Trade Name Description
PolyFlood Max-145 (BHT 50°C, TDS 5000 ppm)
PolyFlood Max-165 (BHT 75°C, TDS 2.2%)
PolyFlood Max-185 (BHT 85°C, TDS 3.5%)


High molecule-weight, anionic polyacrylamide-based polymer. Low cost and field-proven polymer-gel treatment process for water shut-off at production wells and improved profile at injection wells.

High tolerance to elevated temperature and salinity.

Fast dispersion and dissolution in make-up brines.

Well-designed EOR project by PolyFlood Max can increase oil recovery from mature fields by 5-25% original oil in place (OOIP).

Well-designed EOR project using PolyFlood Max can result in a chemical cost of < $10 for each barrel of incremented oil.