Near Well-bore Profile

Cerogel PPG series is a class of special materials developed as a treatment options for water injection wells to improve conformance control. These are Preformed Particle Gel (PPG) powdered particles ranging from 10’s of microns to one mm in diameter, which will swell further when placed in an injection brine to plug preferentially the high permeability watered-out channels in the near-wellbore area of targets injection wells. The Cerogel PPG products form intermediate strength gels, with both viscoelastic properties and plugging efficiency. They can be added into the injection water for a brief periods of treatment time and will travel some distance from the wellbore and plug the very high permeability intervals (including super-K permeability zones) and even narrow fractures. The injection water that then follows the PPG treatment is forced to flow more into the lower permeability zones that have as of yet not been swept very much by the injection water. The overall result of a successful treatment is an increase in the oil production and decrease in the water rate in offset producers.

Trade Name Description
Cerogel PPG-746 Preformed particle gel


A proven product effective in oil field production. Cerogel PPG-746 decreases Water Oil Ratio (WOR) in waterfloods and improves sweep efficiency for improved oil recovery.

Selective blocking effect – only block major thief zones and fractures. The result is more controllable than a polymer/cross-link gel system.

PPG particles are stable in high temperature and saline brine reservoirs. It can be applied in reservoir at temperatures below 120 ºC and with a broad range of salinity.

Treatment design can be adjusted “on the fly” and can be used for both vertical and multilateral wells. Simple rigless operation process and surface injection equipment.

High chemical efficiency (< 2 lb PPG/bbl incremental oil). Only a few dollars per barrel incremental oil.