In-depth Fluid Diversion

Cerogel CPG
Cerogel CPG are slower, controlled swelling particle gel products that can penetrate more deeply into the high permeability channels and fractures in the reservoir before fully swelling and expanding. These CPG (Controlled Particle Gel) products are special expandable gels in water/brines with the dry particle size nearly uniform at ~ 100 mesh size. Unlike typical PPG (Preformed Particle Gel), a CPG product has extended swelling times with a delay for as long as 10 days or more before reaching its maximum extent. Therefore, a Cerogel CPG product can provide a means to treat these water thief zones to a greater distance from the wellbore.

Cerogel T85
Cerogel T85 is a single chemical agent that can selectively slow or block high flow water channels in subsurface oil reservoirs for a decrease in water and an increase in oil production. When dissolved at a concentration of 2500 ppm, Cerogel T85 “self-thickens” and increases the solution viscosity significantly with time. Therefore, it has the capability to treat higher permeability targets to great depth and could be adapted to preferentially block flow in treated water thief zones especially in injection wells and also in production wells. In addition, it has an ideal “self-thicken” duration time for well applications and so does little damage to the formation since it decomposes with time. This new product exhibits this desirable rheological property, plus has a relatively low chemical cost.

Trade Name Description
Cerogel CPG Controlled swelling particle gel
Cerogel T85 Self-Thickening Chemicals for Improved Conformance Control


A proven product effective in oil field production. Blocks fractures and super-K zones and so diverts injection water into oil-rich zones previously not swept. The net effect is increasing oil recovered and reducing water cut.

A deeper penetration into the high permeability channels and fractures in the reservoir, thereby having an effective block on deeper water thief zones.

Produces excellent viscosity profile.

Treatment design can be fine-tuned during pumping. Operation process and surface injection equipment are simple.

High chemical efficiency. Only a few dollars cost per bbl incremental oil.