Heavy Oil Recovery Agent

Heavy oil generally is defined as having an API (American Petroleum Institute) gravity of 10-20 degrees API. These crude oils have viscosities ranging from the 1,000’s to over 1,000,000 cp at reservoir conditions. This tremendously elevated viscosity means that it has a very high resistance to flow, even in a reservoir with high permeability formation rock.

HORA products are customized blends of nonionic surfactants designed to increase the recovery of heavy oil. These agents mobilize heavy oil in place via an emulsification mechanism, low interfacial tension (IFT), and reducing the effective oil viscosity. As highly efficient viscosity reducers, HORA can achieve their superior performance at low dosage (typically 1 -5 gallons per thousand gallons, gpt) in a neutral or caustic solution, and this aqueous surfactant/alkali treatment solution is contacted with a heavy oil 3 to 4 times larger. Their wide compatibility with brines and other chemicals in oil field operation and good stability towards elevated temperature and salinity assure its extensive applicability in various conditions. Caustic solution containing HORA products also are good candidates as an EOR fluid in those cases where it is feasible to consider inter-well water injection and production.

Trade Name Description
HORA-W805 Viscosity reducer for oil mobility improvement
HORA-W905 Viscosity reducer for oil mobility improvement


Highly efficient chemical formulation that can achieve maximum performance with low concentrations; low-cost per gallon and low incremental operational cost to apply.

Releases trapped heavy oil by emulsification and reduction of the Interfacial Tension (IFT) between HORA solution and a heavy oil.

Reduces bulk viscosity of heavy oil significantly so as to improve the oil mobility for better enhanced oil recovery, production and processing.

Capable of Improving heavy oil mobility during the recovery, production and transportation of heavy oils.

Compatible with most brines and other chemicals that are involved in EOR or well stimulation processes; easy and safe to use in normal oilfield operations.