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Chemistry for Energy

in 2005

We are a innovative company focused on providing chemicals used in well stimulation and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). We utilize sophisticated molecular design methods to guide formulation of improved surfactants and polymers, employ cost-effective and environmentally-friendly raw material sources in our product manufacturing, and maintain a robust global supply chain to assure product availability.

We maintain leading edge research and quality control labs in Southern California and operate production and distribution facilities in Houston, Midland, and Alberta Canada.

What we do

ChemEOR integrates the latest research and development in oilfield chemistry, materials science, fluid dynamics, surface science, and reservoir engineering to help you make timelier and actionable business decisions, optimize your field operation, and generate greater profitability.

Customer may have an interest in ChemEOR products, or in specific product needs that can be met through product development, at which our chemists excel.

Our Values

Mission, Vision and Values are critical elements to a company’s organizational strategy. The organization’s Mission and Vision serves as a foundation for the establishment of company objectives. The company then develops strategic plans and creates corporate values to carry out these objectives. The following Mission, Vision, and Values were developed as a joint effort from the Department Managers to reflect ChemEOR’s current state and provide a direction for the company in the future.


We are the Global Leader in providing sustainable, high performance chemicals to the oil field.


Utilize innovative chemistry to improve the world’s access to energy while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Communication

    We recognize the importance of open, timely and respectful communication where all employees have a voice. Therefore, we are thoughtful about the ways and means in which we communicate with all stakeholders.
  • Innovation / Creativity

    Our customers rely on us for innovation, and this requires us to encourage creativity in how we approach all aspects of our business. Employees are provided scope to explore and express creativity in their jobs.
  • Integrity

    We conduct all matters of business with integrity. Our actions are consistent with our words. We hold ourselves accountable to honor our commitments and are steadfast in practicing and observing the ethical principles we’ve set out.
  • Opportunity

    We create an exciting environment for employees where talent is recognized and continuously cultivated. ChemEOR provides opportunities for personal and professional growth so that our ambitions and goals can be realized.
  • Respect

    We welcome diversity in backgrounds, as well as in thoughts and ideas. We are inclusive and honoring of differences. We strive for equity and fairness in our decision-making and in our treatment of one another.
  • Teamwork

    We recognize that each of us has unique talents and strengths, and that working together as a team is in the best interests of all stakeholders. We strive to inspire and learn from one another.

Our commitment to you

Our commitment to performance goes beyond the innovative surfactants and polymers that we provide. We are just as committed to delivering them where you need them, when you need them.

We maintain safety stock to meet customer needs, and use the latest technology for personalized inventory control. These inventory controls include bulk chemicals at field sites with real-time GPS location and volume tracking.


Covina, California
727 Arrow Grand Circle
Covina , CA 91722
TEL: +1-626-606-0208
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